Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little Star - Leaders

It was once more a time for the children of Elampillai , India ,to get to welcome Swami  Atma for a programme titled "Little Stars".

The summer vacation and a Sunday was fixed, and even then many a child who could have taken part was whisked away to a grand parents home, or a vacation to a hill resort .

The school was on the western outskirts of Ellampillai , and the kids arrived on schedule at 9.30 am.

They drew greeting cards and whiled away the starting time on the cloth carpet, finding friends among the participants.

With the arrival of Swami, the kids shared their creations in greetings, and the programme started with a an anthem for mankind as a prayer.

The children between 7 and  14 years were enthusiastic in the group activity of exercises and specific musical meditations.

Swami was explaining the reasons for this programme and what are the benefits, and it always seems new to the volunteers who listen and a class for them too .

A 20 point charter was made with each charter being pointed by the kids themselves with what they expect to be in future , and what they lacked now.

The traffic walk, the tide watching, pranav, giggle,phoenix language, each a music filled activity, were fun filled and scientific master pieces with explanations.

 One  'o' clock was lunch, and the kids shared the break sitting among themselves and sharing their lunches , and accepting treats of cucumber and salted unripe mangoes.

Post lunch was filled with games of, Stop,wolf and sheep,lock and key ,rap a tap tap i am the leader, and hugging a number, they were all thrillers with active participation of all the children.

With the parents coming to collect the children at 5pm, Swami talked to them about the importance of this programme and how it could benefit the participants.

With the parents sharing and opening them selves up, the one day little star programme came to an end, with leader ship qualities being tapped from within them.


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