Friday, 31 May 2013

Snack-fun time

It all started with a simple  request of  a  neighborhood child who had come along to get a xerox copy of a document," get me a chocolate or a lays chips"

I told him the usual no  no nos  and then the whole gang had somehow got together and we trooped in to the  chips store and returned with carry backs.

The long  holidays are nearly over for the street neighborhood kids and they are bored with the rotting  time of no classes.

Some of the children are shifting school , and they are thrilled and enthusiastic , others are glad to go back to see their teachers and friends.

All in all every one is glad to have the school re - open  including the parents who have found it difficult to manage the hyper active kids of these days.

Paper plates were distributed and  murukkus ,mixtures and other savories moved around , and  the feelings are there in the pictures.

Sharing times are wonderful with children, and if they are orderly , it adds to the wonder.

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