Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fruits - to consume or avoid in diabetes

The Stedmans dictionary says   FRUCTOSE sugar is independent of insulin in its digestion .

Ask any diabetic in our locality , what fruits do u use?    "fruits ? me?  and u know i am a diabetic , i have been told to avoid them like poison".

This subject has haunted me for quite some time and we did have it, a long time back at one rural doctors meet, where i talked on the "cause of  diabetes in the modern world".

This was triggered again this fortnight , when a colleague shared a pamphlet , advising the use of green apple better than the ripe apples , and reasoning that it has less fructose sugar.

I brought this up at the last meet, with many a diabetologists, finally there was a doctor who said we should promote taking fruits by the diabetics, and that he has a large patient following, and he is also a diabetic for the past 25 years and is on fruits in a normal diet with caution.

May sound stupid, but a cousin  dropped in who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, he says i normally consume a banana at  night to avoid my constipation , now that i have been diagnosed with this i have been told to avoid the banana, what do i do?

I know , but how does one break the hypnotic game even though the logic and reasoning is there to prove.

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