Monday, 22 September 2008

I did a course on film-making!


If any of you are interested its and run by Sanjay Nambiar. He ran this single day camp at Alliance Francaise for adults - writing, scripting, editing and screenplay followed by filming and film-editing.

It was a little exhausting because I was already sick and we had a reluctant actor (I'd have fired the guy if I was paying him... really draining to have them fuss about how they'd do the scene - prima dona males being the most draining nightmare I'd like to avoid until the end of my days!)

I grew to appreciate how many woman hours go into making these 3 hour movies (ours was a 1 min scene.;). So much human labour lost if it's not going to capture the public's eye.

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AJ_THE_DJ said...

Hmm, well, they prolly wanted you to get an idea of the fuss that stars make, thats why the arrogant male "actor" :p perhaps?