Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rock On! * * * * *

Rating: 9/10 Excellent
Entertainment value: 9/10

One of the best rock movies I've ever seen, including the Doors, the Who and the Beatles! And why am I so enthusiastic about it? The guys were great looking , the acting was real, the music was good.

I can well believe it was a true story about a rock band of my generation - in fact, that's the way most rock bands dissolved, from a total mismatch between producers and the small rock audience. But it was a treat to see one that came together again for a performance ... so tore at my heart strings!:)

Anyone who's performed in a college band, or in front of an audience, would identify with the pure joy of a stage, a crowd and the attention. Something the movie captured par excellence.

And these guys were performers! They really threw away their inhibitions and made the movie worth a watch. Good going, guys!:)

My one big criticism would encompass all rock movies - and that's the lowly groupie status of the women in it. If they're not grovelling, vacuously-smiling groupies, they're vampish and somehow "holding the guy back from his dreams" which is exactly how this movie potrayed the women. And all those women were as unhappy as hell -- let it be a warning to all women:

Please remember that indulging men to the point that he thinks he's a rockstar or a cricketter (simply because he forced you to buy him a guitar or a bat) is solely an Indian mom's function in life - not his wife's, gf's or daughter's!

Leave us out of the mindless, frenzied devotion to his ever-immature ego plz. His endless search for himself is always at the expense of a woman's search for an identity. If he 'finds' himself in rock, she's going to have to lose herself in his masculine me-my-myselfness, so gawd forbid.

If anything we women who saw the movie would identify with guys in the band, not their unhappy wives, ty. And they were so very unhappy... Unfulfilled groupie wannabes married to rock wannabes.

And ... one REALLY good theme: NO DRUGS OR SEX to go with the rock 'n' roll! For once, *clean* rock-stars in the tradition of the new straight-edge, vegan, alternative bands. Good music never needed an addiction to drive it forward. Way to go!

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venkhat said...

ABBA was a nice band and they dissolved and met again, the movie ABBA was done well and like u said all the things go with them too.
i liked the last line where u said 'good music never needed an addiction to move it forward"
u are gifted with the flow of words.