Monday, 29 September 2008

Sold on Peter Sellers!

I find him fascinating. Sexy, hilarious, intelligent and irrelevant. I wonder why he has such appeal to the women (he was known to be a casanova) - maybe cynicism is interesting.

[Note: When I was a child, unaffected by the hormonal soup of womanhood, I thought he was disgustingly ugly and used to ask my mother why she thought he was good-looking. I didn't understand how a woman falls in love with the proud, uncompromising, egocentric fool she can pin down rather than the cleverer, adjusting, humble survivor who evades her.]

I've watched nearly every movie made by him from the Hollywood Party, Murder by Death (both in spanish ... this is the result of an infatuation;), Girl in my Soup, the Pink Panthers to What's new, Pussycat? (re: the latter, I'd sworn never to see such a blatantly sexist MCP movie, but alas! I've been struck by cupid's celluloidic arrow! So anything Seller makes, Seller sells ... to me at least.)

Ah, But a woman can lose herself in those upside-down eyes!! Nm that nose.:p

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