Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Pink Panther, 1963 [* * * * *]

I hate to be a pedant about movies, but really can't beat the series of Pink Panther for good classic elements of movie-making: good taste in all details - music, actors, scenes, script.

I've been downloading and watching the Peter Sellers movies because they're so well-made compared to what we're forced to see in theatres today. The values are for a very european audience - so it's wine, women and male humour - but even with the colonial snobbery, the excesses of satire and overdone, repeating elements of slapstick, the Pink Panthers are exceptional.

Compare the original Blake Edwards versions with the Steve Martin version for shock value. Not only do we accept poorer acting these days, we're taking poorer scripting and setting in our stride as well.

I'm always surprised by how much is lost in art over a period of time. Making a movie probably requires a few skills that are hard to find: patience and finding a good team to work with.

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