Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Censused and categorised - daily wages worker

It was just like any other hot summer day, the census taker had come in, all huffing and puffing and fanning  away with her file, the summer heat.

The  usual questions were asked ,and her assistant who seemed like her school going daughter on vacation, was busy typing away on her lap top computer,  my replies.

Name, wife , kid and what are they doing?
u live in a tiled house?
u have a fridge?
u have a car, a two wheeler?
a computer, a washing machine, an air conditioner,
how much do u earn?

Till now the answers had been yes ,no, yes, no and now i said i make enough,depending on the day,and u can put me in a list which will not have me running around to get a result of this questionnaire, and i was categorised as a daily wages worker.

It seems only this category was the slot for my answers.
My family and i are part of the 7.21 crore of the Tamil Nadu population.

May we stay stagnant at that number.


Yoda said...

We had a visit too and I was shocked to know that there were 600 people living in my street. With just 35 houses, the rest are live-in servants.
Indians don't just multiply, they don't do a scrap of work if they can help it.:)

venkhat said...

i would have been happy, if questions like seeking creativity, art and some hidden talents were dug up, to add to the slots of science and technology or some thing else of caliber.