Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Eating contest - a lesson for the present times

I have always prided myself on relishing a dish, than hastly pushing it down.

That policy does not serve well, when being at functions these days with grand foot ball like crowds, and  hurry burry situations.

Remembering  the college days and the you tube vedios,of eating contests, i thought i should practice the sessions, to keep up the timings of the feast rounds.

All that i got in the first of these hurried eats was  a bloated  burning tummy, and  a line, that the food was not good.

 My poor tummy , it was a lesson badly learnt that i decided to chew my food and take up the next morsel in my hand only when i had my counts to the second tens .

Now the food is more tasty, and if sit with the first round of eaters, i may get up with the next round of guests, raising many an eye brow.

I refuse to be a part of the eating contest,prize or no prizes.


Yoda said...

lol, I go there hungry and when they're rushing through the serving I lose my appetite in nervousness. I always come out of a wedding feast hungrier than I went in.:)

venkhat said...

same pinch i could have given many a time yoda..

The last wedding we attended at vellore it happened, after dinner, we were coming out and there were samosas, and lots of other bengali sweets kept at the entrance for the guests arriving, we had a few samosas before leaving.

good lord.