Friday, 22 June 2012

The taste of ladies fingers with a mans touch

Ever since my school days when the refectory table was laid with the usual bread and rice ,  and the sticky ladies fingers i have always had an aversion  to that mathematical vegetable.

Well that was the way it was made to be taken , " u will do well in maths",
 no wonder i could never cross that 40 mark breather, to pass my additions and maths formulae.

Now things are different.

 This morning  i had been to the veggie market and got two pyramid levels of ladies fingers, the check up methods i have been taught.

 The veggies were cut up and prepared with all the garam masalas in an iron kettle  and  there i was flip flopping them with a wooden ladle, till they got to the shade they are supposed to be.

The dish goes well with plain rice( at least for me),we also had a sour dish curry for our lunch with rice.

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