Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Courting in courtalam

It was a confluence of yogins at a small village near tenkasi , adjustant to courtallam, in southern india.

We were spectators for the event, and the participants ranged from tiny tots to middle aged handsomes.

Following the event the time was spent for baths at waterfalls, screeching and squealing to the delight of water flowing over us, every moment was a pleasure.

we had a bath at five falls and another at a secluded place called  Paalaruvi, a few kilometers into the hilly Kerala border.

Drizzling weather, breezy winds, and chilly times were the adjectives to the moments of courting happiness there.

Returning home, we had a tyre puncture, which gave us added moments of a road side dinner in the dark.


Yoda said...

Those falls look fabulous.:)

venkhat said...

yes, they sure are , and the environment is lovely too, wild forest, and they do not allow the use of soap and shampoo and other junk toileteries there.

Get to have fun there yoda.