Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Festoons for fun

It was a time for fun and frolic, and the kids had the occasion , all that mattered was the place, that was always available at our work station.

The balloons were purchased and the festoons of shining plastics ,coloured papers were got with the twine .

A boy s birthday was selected and the balloons were blown and saved the previous evening, safely hidden in the glass cupboard, to see no one played away with them .

The kids arrived at  5 pm quickly washed after school, the festoons were arranged to their wishes and balloons  put up at the  available hooks or nails, or at the palms at the entrance.

All done  the  birthday boy arrived and we all sang  for his health, happiness,long life, and more.

The favourite songs were downloaded on you tube, the kids were given all the liberty to do what they liked and that was the only fault when the kids pulled down the festoons and burst  the balloons.

They danced and screamed and yelled and created all the havoc that they could not at school or at their homes.

Some one must have remembered the pyramid climbing , so  there they were bending and climbing, to reach the top.

Fun and  more fun it was for  all.

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