Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kadalai poriyoda oru podi nadai ( a graceful walk with puffed rice and ground nuts)

Some relation seems to be there with the swaying of the arms and the steps, and a movement of the jaws.

If we do not sway, a step is not possible, and when the sway and the step are in unison, one must have something to chat or eat, so that leaves us with a simple solution.

It is very difficult to get the mind quiet , and so different methods are discovered to silence it, and so many have set them selves difficult body tasks,  and others things of complex movements to get the mind stream lined, and so came on the walk around hillocks during the full moon.

The paths are littered with attractions , and this puffed rice with ground nuts is one.

Any thing is ok to get the message across.

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