Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The magical world of illusions

It was another chance to see a magic show organised by the rural society of doctors for the centenary meet at Chennys hotel  Salem

After the felicitations to the elder doctors of the rural areas, the magician was given the stage and with an assistant he went to work and laid the table .

With the switch on of the music he  moved his arms and fingers, and there he was literally pulling out  playing cards from thin air, they seemed have been placed just in front of him, and he was pulling them out and making them smaller and smaller and finally had a stack out of his small mouth .

Good lord when did that get into his mouth !!!!

The Chinese rings were wonderful with his deft swift hands,
getting them one into another and slipping them out and forming the Olympic rings and out singly.

We  were shown some electric bulbs of so small size, and then placed in one ear and then removed from the other ear and from his mouth and bottom and into the ear and out of the other again.

He asked if any one wanted to learn how to trick the audience and learn the trade, there were a few hands going up, and i was not one one of them .

The ropes the kerchiefs and the news paper tricks were all too wonderful, and the balloon he swallowed, we all literally asked him what happened to the balloon,he said it will pass away tomorrow.

There was no doubts as to who enjoyed the show the most,and which side the applause came the loudest.

The front row is always the best seat, with the other kids who all watched with me with equal wonder.

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