Tuesday, 8 February 2011

1st Week of Feb

I saw a bunch of Jet Li movies that I'd rate at an average of 4 since I really like kung fu - but they're only for kung fu fans - not much for anyone else.
Shaolin Temple (1982) [* * *] - A very young Jet Li saves Shaolin after putting it in grave danger with a local warlord.
Hero (2002) [* * * *] - This was pretty interesting and lovely to watch. It covers a historical assassination attempt of the ruler of Qin who lives on to unite China and build the Great Wall in 227 BC. A lot of 'The Art of War' in it.
The One (2001) [* * * *] Chinese Kung fu Sci fi! and so good too. A very interesting look into the multiverse concept. A supercriminal tries to kill every other one of himself in the other universes and jeopardizes the structure of existence.
 Jet Li is interesting because he practices a particular style of kung fu called wushu - interesting to see how the chinese culture preserves its elements through movies.

Why doesn't Bollywood and Kollywood attempt Sci fi? We Indians lack a certain fear of the future because of our belief in Karma.:)
The Big Bang (2010) [* *] ugh, dun watch.

In Bruges (2008) [* * * *] - fabulous, if you like black comedy. Two hitmen are asked to hide out in Bruges, Belgium, until the heat is off. They both have to deal with their demons and a new assignment for one to kill the other. If I didn't give it 5 stars its only because I dislike black comedy.

Taken (2008) [* * * *] - A father goes to Paris to rescue his daughter from a slave trade racket that permeates every level of authority. Very, very interesting. If I didn't give this 5 stars its only because it was smooth and had nothing startling - we've gotten addicted to shocking twists in plots, I guess ...

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