Sunday, 20 February 2011

3rd Week Feb

Gone Baby Gone (2007) [* * * *] - A child is kidnapped and the police department is complicit in the crime.

Across the Universe (2007)[* * * *] - Perfect for so many of us who like to sing along with the Beatles set in an activist 60s USofA with a romance to stop the Vietnam war. Quite a lot of fun.

The Brothers Bloom (2009) [* * * *] - Two brothers, con men, are growing apart. Its very interesting to see how relationships die on you. This one does it with a bang.:)

Fido (2007) [* * *] - A zombie movie where zombies are treated like dogs are today.

Death At A Funeral (2010) [* * *] - A funny bunch of events at a funeral.

Lymelife (2008) [* *] - A boring story about divorce.

King of California [* *] - A treasure hunt, but not a very interesting story either for kids or adults.

Wanted (2009)[* * * *] - I really don't like Salman Khan, but this movie was tight. You can really see the difference when a movie has all the backing.

All The Best (2009) [* * * *] - Ajay Devgun made this comedy and though it is formulaic, it is funny as hell.

Wake Up Sid (2009) [* * *] - A very modern romance, starting between two friends in college. Watchable.

Tum Mile (2009) [* *] - Average acting, below average everything else in this romance.


Shazia said...

Just curious... did you see all the above in one week?
thats a list..
I did see the social network.. but I havent deactivated my fb yet...I read about all of them, and I am not sure the story is real! Maybe it is.. but even if it does take a part of my privacy.. I dont mind, more so because I am basically a very open person.. cant keep my trap shut !!

venkhat said...

Shazia if yours is a trap let it stay open

Yoda said...


From what I read, the story is real enough. But since he's still alive and kicking, I think they should have waited before branding him - he could do great things in the future.:)

As long as you feel safe, I think fb is fine. Its enough to know that it _could_ be unsafe, as a caution. I was just like you a few years ago - totally open.:)

Re: the movies, haha, yes, I saw all of them that week. Vuze is an awesome downloader - with emule I could manage to dl only 2 - 4 a week.:)