Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jackie (2010)[Kannada][* *]

I'd like to admit straight off that I hardly watch any indian movies, so this is a one-off. I was astonished at how little I liked the movie. That got me thinking about how far away from my own culture I've grown to find a fairly popular film crass, crude and sad.

The hero is ordinary looking, ugly even, talks ugly, and his acting is atrocious, but he's related to a very popular star, the late Dr. Rajkumar, so he could swing it. I guess that's the thing about dynastic caste-based India; in films, politics and business, all you need to do is be born into it. (George Bush Sr. and Jr., the Kennedys, ... caste isn't limited to our country.:)

The movie was shocking in so many ways - corrupt cops talking about how they do their rounds to collect bribes from all the vendors, vying for tv appearances, playing judge and jury and shooting perpetrators. It was quite a statement about the corrupt government in Karnataka. Shame on them all - the actors, directors, writers and producers - for winking at such disgusting misappropriation of power in a great democracy.

But ... perhaps I judge too harshly because I live here. As for the movie, the camera quality was poor, the actors couldn't act, the script was a pastiche of disjointed events - even the songs and fight sequences were ho-hum. Where've all the good movies gone? Rajkumar even had better-looking heroines and line-dancers behind him ... 50 yrs ago!

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