Monday, 14 February 2011

2nd Week of Feb

The whole week seemed to be about teens and american teenage aspirations - it brings home to me how much I've grown old and beyond.:)

The.Wackness (2008) [* * * *] - An interesting friendship between a teenaged drug dealer and a psychiatrist makes both of them better able to deal with the reality of their loneliness. It always astonishes me to see how the US perception of drugs has changed to acceptance since their sources became canadian and afghan.:)

Mystery Team (2009) [* * *] - A group of teens avoid dealing with reality by solving mysteries.

The.Bad.Lieutenant.Port.of.Call.New.Orleans (2008) [* * *] - A drug-addicted policeman, Nicholas Cage, in post-Katrina New Orleans muddles through every situation to getting lucky and being promoted.

Charlie Bartlett (2008)[* * *] - An interesting story about a teen who sells drugs and psychotherapy in school to make friends. The US is in an 'accept difference' fad since the 60s.:)

Ping Pong Playa (2007) [* * *] - A chinese teen learns to deal with reality by helping out his family's ping pong sports business.

Pirate Radio (2009) [* *] - The camera swung around so much to imitate the sea that I got seasick and couldn't watch. A teen-run radio on a ship.:)
The Promotion (2009) [* *] - About two guys competing for a managerial post at a grocery store.

The Messenger (2009) [* *] - I hate movies about the Iraq invasion and this was about a soldier who carries news of the death to the families in the US, so I didn't enjoy it.

In the Loop (2009) [* *] - A british political satire.

Women in Trouble (2009) [* *] - A bunch of women and their stories. Unfortunately, American women don't really have stories except about sex. The sad reality of affluence.:)

Young People Fucking (2009) [* *] - A bunch of couples and their stories .... about sex. (lol!)

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