Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Immunity to immunisations

If there is a law, it gets enacted,and the guilty are punished,
If there is a person who is immune to that law, who is He or Who are they?
Friends of law makers, those who have power and money behind them.

I got this triggered to my mind again following the vaccine injury cases, i just can't seem to get this out of my mind, for better or for worse.

The large powerful drug industry with tentacles to areas least imaginable, are able to get immunity to their vaccine injury, even if the patients are able to prove the effects following the vaccine, and worse the supreme court even seems to accept their verdict.


Shazia said...

Hi venkhat,
Firstly I am so so so in the seventh heaven..oh my god!! you linked my blog to yours.. (bow) (bow) THANKS.
Missed your postings for sometime now!
Hope all is well now at your end?
I don't know which vaccine you are talking about, but I had a cousin, she was perfectly healthy till she was administered 2 drops of polio by volunteers (who basically know nothing about hygiene. A month ago my maid went for leave to do that volunteering work.) and that cousin never walked after that!

umavenkhat said...

Shazia,i could talk and talk, and explain so much that i even had been called as a communist and pharmaxilite ( something like a naxalite) by my colleagues for my mind and views on this thing called vaccines, whose expansion i did at another blog.

V very
A active
C chemical
C combinations
I introduced into
N natural
E environment

i did not mention any particular vaccine, but all of them are beyond humaneness, if we can sit and study and get to know the details.

venkhat said...

god that was me , i did not know that i had replied with my lady's id

Shazia said...

lol! I was confused too.. but Venkhat was common so I thought it was you and I also thought your name was Umavenkhat!

Shazia said...

Sorry I forgot to add, I have read your lady's blog and the post on homo's was very interesting!
Check on the comments there :)

nadimul said...

sorry again, which other blog Venkhat? I thought the hollow bamboo was the one you referred to in your comment!

Shazia said...

oh god!! i cant believe i made the same mistake that you did and signed from my husband's account!! whats happening !! eeeeks..sorry!