Saturday, 19 February 2011

Death Proof (2007) [* * * * *]

I usually hate Tarentino movies (like Kill Bill), but this one was a cliff-hanger that I loved inspite of the gore!

Stuntman Mike goes about in his 'deathproof' car - reinforced like stunt cars - and kills women on the road for kicks. He is merciless killing them.

He finally stalks one set of women (who are models and stuntwomen) and meets his match. He hunts and drives them to the ground. They turn around and follow him. That car chase is the best I've ever seen and the ending is unmatchable. (Yes, the women slaughter him.:)

I know now why guys think Tarentino is a feminist movie maker and in this instance I agree. The women do something that is really unusual to women - they're as unforgiving as men - and twice as vengeful, being women. Gawd, even I got a kick out of seeing them hunt him down! lol

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