Thursday, 20 December 2012

A gossip about the thatched roof idly shop.

There are many wake up alarms or call, but this one  which catches  many here" soodana  idly sambaaarr", is a sure awakener.

The long sleepers, would prefer this to the hot  beverages, the school children would prefer this to the other dishes made at home by the family maid or mom.

The stuffy child on the hip of the granny or mom being showed the crow and other distractions to make it eat would also prefer the  idlies.

As for me the best b fast would be this for the time of availability at  7.30 am
to the waiting lady at home after an earlier porridge of sprouted malt .

This idly kadai lady and her husband take up orders for functions and sudden guests at home, her thatched roof shack attracts many to their door step for a gossip and eat out.

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