Saturday, 22 December 2012

Breaking a fast tenderly

The over night fast of 10 odd  hours is  broken with such harsh food, that sometimes the body could get thrown to nausea, and a dump site.

What better alternative could it be than the tender coconut water and the soft white fleshy coconut.

What ever the fast, either of the political kind, the religious , or the therapeutic, the best way to finish it would be with the tender coconut water.

They say if god could have a choice of only one creation , that would be  nutritious, safe and self fulfilling it would be the coconut.

Talking often of  the coconuts could not be sufficient as it is not available at all places and even if it is , it gets taken for granted that we can drink it some other time, well three cheers to the now affordable tender coconut water.

May it always stay.

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