Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ridge gourd to the rescue

Ridge gourd is a tasty creeper vegetable.

Many an ailment these days could be gotten over with the help of the creeper vegetables ,and the alkalinity in them .

It is a pick at the vegetable market, but could easily been given a bitter vegetable ,some allow us to make a cross check at the purchase it self, to prevent a battle at home with the lady.

The vegetable is washed and the ridges removed with a shaver for this kind, then it is neatly cut and all the ingredients of  turmeric, curry powder, garlic , onions , coriander powder and tomatoes are gotten ready, the dish is an easy kind provided u have the support of the lady of the home,for the final touches,of the salt to taste and the chillie to spice.

The clay pot and the wodden laddle add to the feel of the cooking.

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