Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Chewing these will not get u a tail

The village market is just a spread of a few items for a small house hold, a few hours in the morning.

Around 7am one can find the village damsels walk towards the daily market of local vendors, selling their farm goods.

Curry leaves to palm full of beans for a price of a few rupees, the ladies finger, carrot, beans.
With the mind making plans for the b fast,lunch and dinner, quick purchases are made, very sure the wares will be there for the morrow too,fresh, one does not have to think of the space available in the refrigerator.

I was hurrying away, having just bought some aval,  when my eyes caught the old lady selling keerai,now the local coriander variety is gone, looks like the genetic engineering techniques are already in the vogue in hiding.

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