Tuesday, 18 December 2012

East merges with the west through a sandwich

The old adage of east is east and west is west and the two shall never meet is gone, with better communication and transport and a blend in the cuisine and more cultural acceptance.

This morning the marketing brought home carrot,beans and potatoes and curry leaves, tomatoes of yesterday was taken in with the small onions .

 The spices and curry powders were cross checked with the lady and ,after the washing and chopping , in  went  the vegetables  to  the clay pot , after roasting the onions and curry leaves.

Enough water was added and the ingredients were left to boil with enough salt to taste.

The lovely odor brought smiles to my lady and  the spread of butter and the brown bread made a lovely b fast for the morning.

( pathuley inna  kooda  idly vangikalam)

(translated  it means - if it is not sufficient u can always buy  idlies)

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