Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2nd Week of Jan

One of the biggest problems with the opportunity to watch more movies is the number of duds go up.:) I find myself growing weary of feature length films that were made poorly. I guess more people are able to find the money to make movies these days. Makes me glad they have the opportunity and sad that they waste it.

The Sorcerers Apprentice (2010) [* * * *] This one had potential until it was just a vehicle for a scene from the mickey mouse version by the same name in fantasia. Gad, I hate it when disney sells us recycled ideas.:( This is the second Disney movie with Nicholas Cage in it - I'd have hated him as a child so I'm not sure what they're up to.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps (2010) [* * * *] Gordon Gekko is back from jail for insider trading and his daughter is dating a wall street guy. Gekko gives him advice that turns out to be right and wins their trust.

Life As We Know It (2010) [* * *] A couple dies and leaves their baby to two single friends. This is about their relationship. A lot of rapidfire american repartee, if you like that sort of thing.

The Other Guys (2010) [* * *] A comedy about two cops who're trying to be heroes. Quite entertaining, but over-the-top.

The A-Team (2010) [* * *] The old A-team redone with modern references and a new story. Alright for guy-movie fans.

The.Town.2010 [* * *] Ben Afleck made this watchable. Its about bank robbers and how their network keeps them doing the same thing over and over again.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010) [* *] Vampires and werewolves, really boringly slow and affected, which is perfect for teens and twenties that it is made for.

Machete (2010) [* *] Another guy-movie - lots of violence, blood, gore and naked women.

You again (2010) [* *] About meeting your own school bully in later life.

Brooklyns Finest (2009) [* *] Another movie shot in the dark - I wonder why so many directors are doing it these days - saving on sets? Anyway, the story is forgettable.


Shazia said...

I was wondering.. do you really watch them all?
If a movie is pathetic to say the least, then do you still go through the ordeal of watching the full movie?
But, anyways, i have taken count of the good ones referred by you and hopefully will watch it one by one..

Am quite a fan of Amir Khan and he blogged about Waltz with Bashir, which you did mention in one of your earlier blogs.. have downloaded it, and now have to find good time to watch it!

Yoda said...

Hi Shazia,

lol, I watch them through unless they're really lousy hoping to find something good to say about them.:)

Sometimes its thoroughly bad and I really want to critique it point by point ... but something like compassion stops me these days.

I now recognise that bad movies are made by a human equation that didn't work - producers, filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, etc. Somewhere they just didn't see their life flowing into it. Its like living, you can pour yourself into it or hold back for others - these are still holding back.

Its always interesting to speculate how it snowballed into disaster - Was the goal to make quick money? Did they think this is what *we* want? were the producers pushing for a quick finish?

I'm glad my references are helping you! I was a big fan in the '90s of the net reviewer Steve Renshaw, who had an unusual grasp of movies.:)