Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Week of January 2011

Here's a bunch of movies I didn't much care for:

  • Inception (2010) [* *] - Leonardo diCaprio is trying to implant an idea in a dreamworld into a billionaire's mind. Annoying actor, that one.
  •  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (2010) [* * * *] - The movie is entirely shot in the dark. Oh well, just being a J K Rowling fan makes me give this 2 stars more than it deserves.:) The book isn't too good either, so the movie just follows. She was being honest when she said she was tired of Harry Potter.
  • Easy A (2010) [* *] - A college girl lies about a date and the gossip makes her out to be a skank. It ruins her reputation, loses her her friends and finally breaks a marriage. So forgettable.
  • Devil (2010) [* *] - Night Shyamalan's been making a bunch of duds these days. This is one more of them. 6 people trapped in an elevator by the devil who wants their soul. All but one die for their sins.
  • Salt (2010) [* * *] - Kurt Wimmer, the director, I thought could have done better. A russian sleeper agent in the US turns anti-russian in an action drama. Um, not very interesting though I'd hoped for more. 
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) [*] - Don't watch this unless you're below12. Your IQ, I mean.:d


Antares Shaman said...

Movies are entertainment in general. Make your whole self relax with some nonsense in front of your eyes and then you get with your friends in the coffee shop and tell 'em "....wish I had the magic wand...". Movie is an art and art has no limits, it isnt bound to one thing. Christopher Nolan is not one out there to make big money nor are directors like Martin Scorsese, Darren Aronofsky or James Cameron. They like to play with the aspects of many beauties like the POV, the mind thing, the dream, the wild fantasy. One cannot seek goof ups here. And surely there is one thing about these men, as I recall when once my friend told me,"why so many people dislike movies like this?" and I said "extrordinary movies are for extraordinary minds"

You need a thinking brain to watch movies like this. Person sitting down with his paper and pen to note down the flaws can never enjoy them. Watch it as if somebody wanna tell you what they feel, what they think....just as you would listen to a child with its fantasy. Ideas and thoughts are the only assets invaluable which comes from nowhere and develops to become a future. They are like scientists. I would suggest you watchhing The Fountain, Pi, Requiem for a Dream........movies only a mind which thinks so much can have fun, the tragic way.

PS: very sad movies!

Yoda said...

Ty for your comments, Antares. But like everyone else, I watch movies with preconceived notions and preselected favorite themes for them. An inbuilt flaw, I'm sure.:)

Dreams aren't quite my thing - fantasy is more coherent, isn't it? I've found a number of similar dream-themed movies more entertaining (Paprika, Waking Life, Waltz with Bashir).

I'm sure each person watches for something to touch their heart or mind, and if a movie does neither then it hasn't made its mark there.

Thanks for the suggestions - though I avoid sad stories like the plaque - I'll work up some courage to watch them sometime.:)