Saturday, 1 January 2011

Humane rats and ratty humans

Ever since i came to know that our chemical medicines were tested, before being prescribed for us humans, i felt we were given the results of hard work and safety measures, taken for the welfare of the sick.

Now getting to know things more deeper, i have started to have doubts, from simple cooking up results of the high managements ,with lots of money being spent to get pre-planned results, and the next being the subjects tested upon.

The rats and guinea-pigs are the trial subjects, and now we have the prisoners and the armed personnel who have to sign up to all things, that they know or do not know, which is as good as being rats.

so the result, are the rats able to express their feelings, or are the humans who are subject to such inhuman practice able to express theirs?

It is time testing of medicines be limited to willing humans only, and safe medicines be put on trial.

we can learn this from other systems.


Yoda said...

You said it - ratty humans it is.

Homeopathy is a kinder alternative to all this abuse across species. Unless they've begun 'testing' too to keep up with the Joneses.

venkhat said...

Yoda,the testing that is done, in Homoeopathy is called as provings, it only brings out the qualities of a medicine and with the permission of the prover,in writing and also of his family.