Sunday, 30 January 2011

4th Week of Jan

New in Town (2009) [* * * *] This was fairly good - about a modern woman corporate climber who's sent to a Minnesota factory to shut it down. She gets to know the workers and wants to save their jobs. She stakes her career on an inspiration and saves the factory. It was slow though and the romance was just too tawdry for my liking.

Righteous Kill (2009) [* * * *] I've seen this before and remember being sad that Robert Di Niro and Al Pacino have grown so old. It is about two older cops, one of which has turned into a serial killer, good especially for the twist in the end.

War (2007) [* * * *] Jason Statham and Jet Li are FBI and Jet Li is killed. Jason goes after the rogue assassin and destroys two Tokyo mafias, only to find that Jet Li is still alive.

Crook (2010) (Hindi) [* * *] I rarely watch any hindi movies, but decided I needed more downloads and should look at a few. This one's interesting because of the reference to the Australian racial attacks on Indians. Otherwise it had too many songs and too much violence.

Legend (1985) [* * *] You'd think Ridley Scott could do better than a vague fantasy film, but no. Even with Tom Cruise, he had to ruin it with his dark imagery and quite a dull storyline.

Sunshine Cleaning (2008) [* * *] Very interesting twist to a family story. Two sisters take up cleaning after murders, suicides and accidents to make more money. Usual drama around their personal issues.

Madea Goes To Jail (2009) [* *] An old black lady is a repeat offender and gets to jail. It isn't all that funny, but its directed to a largely black american audience so that's understandable we don't get it.

The Code (2009) [* *] You know what?... I don't even remember what this was about!:p

Due Date (2010) [* *] A desperate father has to race cross-country with a schmuck for the birth of his child. The usual accidents.


Tintin said...

Turq, Wow, you posting about movies! :)

Yoda said...

Hey Tintin!

When are you going to start posting? Your access is open.:)

I left irc on New Years Day - didn't see you around to say bye.

Tintin said...

I am not good at blogging/posting hehe. is there an email id you got in case i need to contact you?

Yoda said...

Blog about gardening and your terrific flowers!

My email id is - just send me a mail to make sure we connect.:)