Sunday, 30 January 2011

Unleashed (2005) [* * * * *]

I realise I must have grown bloodthirsty in my old age since I give a high rating to action flicks.:)

This is an interesting underdog film - a man, Jet Li, is trained to be a dog to fight and kill for his master and knows no other life. He begins to explore softer feelings through a chance meeting with a blind piano tuner, Morgan Freeman, and develops a passion for music which makes him look back and try to figure out his past.

This was interesting for several reasons: There's a very clearcut racial tone to the whole movie.
1 - The white men are the 'masters' - every colonized country in the world can identify with the cruelty of enslavement inflicted on them by the whites.
2 - The rescuing blind man is black - once again an eastern perspective of the black man as innocent, gentle, cultured and emotionally balanced. Very unlike the hollywood image of black = violent savagery.
3 - The idea of innocence and ignorance being manipulated. This seems to be a common theme of male-oriented movies and appeals to me very much, since it is very real. The real world rests its profits and excesses on the existence of those two virtues. Men, in this respect, see the world clearer than women.:)

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