Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Ward man at home

It is one of the difficult times when ones papa is affected with a stroke, my dad lost his speech.
with help of friends he was taken to salem and he is convalescing.

This is the first time i have taken my dad to a doctor, he is 82, the last time he was with chicken gunya, and he got well with homoeopathic medicines from our cabinet.

This time we had him in admitted and my lady and me were with him, now he is at home and we are nursing him back to his normal self, he is walking with a bit of help and taking food.

I am playing the ward man and his nurse, and my lady is my support.


வெங்கட் said...

Your Father will get well soon.

venkhat said...

Thanks for the wishes venkhat

Yoda said...

I wish your father the best too, gardner. People do recover from strokes, it just takes a long time when we're older.

Shazia said...

ohh! I am so sorry to hear about your father.
Hope he is recovers soon!
Have a lot of patience..