Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Searching for a heart of gold.... oil

We have heard of greed for money as gold, land,riches, and more dames ,it is in this century that we hear of greed for oil.

We are seeing a recent grabbing of land which has lots of oil underground, many of the acts are legal, though not lawful and not worthy of trust and pride to a nation of law abiding citizens.but who cares for the citizens of their own or of foreign lands.

We saw it first in the Middle East, not that it was not present in the South Americas or in the Balkan lands, but the most gruesome was the take over of iraq and now the recent build up in the land of pharoahs and Libyas and who knows where it will lead, am sure there is one compass and that is where ever there is oil.

How much some are interested in liberating and making democracies of other nations, when their own lands are in turmoil,and getting bankrupt.


Yoda said...

Right on, gardner - The way the US manipulates sentiment for oil contracts is disgusting and blatant. The current Libyan 'crisis' is just as cruel as the iraq 'war' - the US kept Gaddafi and Saddam around for 2 decades each.

venkhat said...

It is a pity the world watches on as the only nations that oppose the elite are brought down, with their riches being stolen from under their noses, a shame