Tuesday, 6 December 2011

If “war is peace” then “stupidity is intelligence”

I had a chance to see this slogan " war is peace" on my screen, i tried to fathom the depth of the slogan from the roots of my heart, to the base of my intelligence, i could see nothing.

Then i remembered that story that if u want to see God, u must have the tip of that nose cut and bleeding only then visibility happens.

Freedom is slavery , poverty is richness, stupidity is intelligence, cruelty is kindness, any number of such atrocious opposites can be formed as long as there are folks to sit in front of leaders who will utter such nonsense and have folks try to make a theory of it .

Will no one stop and ask questions when folks utter them or make a walk out.

May be i am making a say, as i have no claim over a post, or a boss to keep me in check with a dangling pay.


shazia masood said...

Its the quantity over quality times!!
They are all going with the flow..kinda hypnotised with the words spoken, not by an intellect but by anyone who seems to be on a stage..be it a political stage, a theatre stage, or a school stage.... maybe by the time you have a stage, you reach a stage of no return (to sanity)

Yoda said...

lol, nice one. I guess that one hopes 'glibness is wisdom'.:)

venkhat said...

Thanks yoda.

venkhat said...

Shazia your words can be read again and again, looks like u have very deep understanding of the issue, and typed the words with feelings.