Thursday, 8 December 2011

Patients trust the doctors, whom do the doctors trust?

In many a clinic, a usual sight would be to see a patient listen attentively to a doctor and his words, in some the sight would be a prayerful gesture to a doctor.

The trust in a doctors skill is immense, and his insight into many a health related subject is thought of as profound, this being so , where does the doctor lay his trust on?

The laws that come on, from the politicians , who are bought by the industries, seem too scary for the honorable profession of Medicine, that a trust in oneself is all that is left for the Doctor for the benefit of his patients.

May he offer his best , knowing that his trust in Himself is as good as the one his patient has on him.


shazia masood said...

Earlier doctors or physicians are the reason for this trust...
The present lot has broken my trust.
Wonder when the world also realises this?
Hope the doctors resurrect themselves to be worthy of trust again, before its tooooo late!!

May he continue to reap the trust accrued by past doctors... And as you say, may he trust himself as the patients trust him!! amen

venkhat said...

That is true,the trust is because of the earlier doctors, and may the present ones work to be trustworthy for themselves