Saturday, 3 December 2011

Guilty - no need to prove or disprove

The judiciary world wide had a common dictum , those who are charged with a crime are innocent, until some one proves their crime, now things have changed.

It has happened recently in the land of the free( sic) where u are guilty until u can prove u are innocent, which is not possible, with the passing of more laws, where u have no one to prove with your absence and in some unknown prison across the seas.

The judiciary have lost their right to fight for their clients with wit and humour and laws laid out in their constitution, it has become a stab for all humanity, the judges can hang their heads in shame.

What can be proved , can be disproved with an intelligent argument , innocence is stable.

One can only prove a crime, innocence is there for u to see, it cant be proved.

If someone does not like u , u can be termed as a t........ and off u go with the passing of the bill S 1867 to some place with no address.

Ta ta.

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