Friday, 23 December 2011

Piercing the ears to progress - for men

The practice of ear piercing for all children , and the continued use of ear jewels for girls is a common practice in the Indian community.

The relationship of it to health and looks is legendary.

The style of piercing the left ear, and dangling a simple earring or a stud has become a way side acceptance of men in the modern world.

It is the fashion these days promoted from the actors to the singers, and young rebels.

In the school days , if a student was found lagging in his work of studies, he was asked to pinch his own ears, and do squats, or the teacher did it for him, little did the student or the teacher realize that this was a form of insinuating his system to work harder with intelligence, it was thought of as a punishment.

The left ear is given more importance,the modern anatomist now realise that there is a crossing of nervous tissue and the left hemisphere represent the right ,and the right hemisphere the left side of the body.

Now the piercing of the left lobe and with it the stimulation of the right hemisphere , may be there is a better performance of the system.

The acupuncturist would surely have much to say in this matter, as they heal many a person , with the points in the ear.

We would realise it if we keenly notice the effects of it on the person.

With it comes an added jewel to the pierced ear, and a chance to model.


Yoda said...

My mom always said that if you look at the shell of the ear, it is like a foetus, and where we pierce is the brain. Just thought I'd add to your insight.:)

venkhat said...

Thanks yoda.
Those grannies of old used to wear dangling ear studs of the heavy kind, which made a large hole, it seems they had a good eye sight.

I remember my granny was a workaholic who was without specs till her death at 85 with practically no ailments to mention.

shazia m said...

wow! Interesting info!!

venkhat said...

Dangling ear rings bring on benefits too, shazia

There are other benefits too, but for the present times.