Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Chill days seek Chilli dishes

We are folks who are used to summer heat, sweating,with cottons and hot walls to bake chappathis.

The winter with temperatures just touching 15 c at night and around 20 c during days is literally not bearable to us.

One could find us with shawls, pull overs and jute caps to keep warm.

There are some who find escapes with an eatable of the spicy kind, and in our area, the food world has been taken over with adding chilli to any thing and every thing, to make the stomach warm and the nose drip.

A chilli this and a chilli that , from cauliflower to mushrooms and now parathas and even a chill idli.

May we all manage to stay warm with our ways, till the coming of march.

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