Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Travelling on the road of prescribed vitamins

The spiral visual being shown was of a multivitamin compound, with a basket of fruits, colorfully arranged and lighted for the picture.

I got the picture mentally saved .

I asked the representative where does the vitamin that he is marketing got from in that array of fruits, he said he did not know, i requested him to take that as a company work to be submitted for the next visit.

The next visit and further visits did not bring on results, and neither did he take the spirit to get to know.

I volunteered and showed him most synthetic vitamins are got from petrochemical derivatives, that we prescribe to our patients.

He was shocked and so was I. (different reasons)

Where do the ones u take, come from? Road Tar or Nature.


Prabakar said...

Dear Yoda Mam, Venkhat and Psychic Muse Friends,

Wish you and your Family a Very Happy New Year 2012.

With Best Wishes,

venkhat said...

thanks , and a happy new year greeting to u too