Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A vacation at work

We villagers have a life of simplicity and can even manage a life style with out a clock, but now that the kids are present and sending them to school or college ,at a distance, the time machine has started to work.

Our days of action are a routine , and easy going that we are not stressed to take a break, and during them if any vacation does come in, it would still be a part, and things would work as usual.

In this sense a vacation is a term that is a puzzle, and with leaders or folks in high places , vacationing to run away to distant lands to forget their work, sounds more puzzling for us who cannot actually take a vacation.

If ones does not love their work and get stressed to have a need to run and let out steam , there is something that needs to be thought of.

The headline reads" The P...., takes a vacation to the island resort for a fortnight" poor hard working P......

Vacation filled work, or a working vacation.


shazia masood said...

Enjoy the vacation called life!

venkhat said...

goody, a kind remembrance