Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Their preservatives are ( our ) killers

Cancer is a taboo word in our village, yet it is slowly surfacing to be discussed at village gossips spots like the tea shop benches and dark low brick walls parkers called as "thinnais".

It is as mysterious as it is for scientists, but with practicalness, as what has happened to us that we are being given this, the village elders and working middle class all seem to be affected .

There are no very high and low class, all are middle here.

Every thing seems to boil down to food , with few side channels .

A happy healthy home is one which has its folks spend much time and thought regarding to food and its preparations.

Now  food preparations are not a topic for discussion , unless it has come up on the tv screen with  some one else trying out our local dishes.

Any food that does not get spoil t soon , needs to be looked at with caution, we had seen some pictures of them here made at fast food joints and  forgotten and seen again after months still in tact and not smelling.

The things that are used to keep away the fungus and other scavenging things of nature, are our cancer causing chemicals , reading them may scare u too, my words are just to get u to search them to become  more aware of our Health.

If u want a clue for the start, try sodium benzoate.


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Natarajan said...

It is very true!
Please avoid preservative foods!