Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bitter gourd helps to keep away worries of sweetness

The news on the screen told me that the seeds of the bitter gourd helps a diabetic and some one got interested in marketing them, only to find himself chased for his good fortune, of making the folks healthy by the companies

Strange , but it sure is confusing with the text booking and study of the marketing world even for health care, with the MBA degree everything becomes a business.

The morning marketing found me attracted to the small kutti kutti bitter gourds, and with no bargaining for the double palm full for a sum of 10 rupees, i returned after picking up other things .

The afternoon lunch  was goody with millet balls and the bitter gourd curry, rice, rasam and curd .

Pineapple slices were wonderful  before the lunch itself .

The bitterness is adjusted with the addition of jaggery, try them tomorrow.


Sujatha said...

mm. bitter guard "pitla" (if v prepare pitla bitterness will not be in that) and "pachadi" (with tamarind and jaggery shold add one slice of green chilli too ) will be good. south indian brahmins will make many receipes thro this. mm.. sappaturamans??!! who's prearing is sappatturami??!!

by the way who introduced potatoes to our country?? v r the eaters :D (indians) i think

venkhat said...

Good to have your comment on, the preparing beauty is an Alagi seetha.

The potatoes came in from the cold regions of the north, but we are the ones who make the best of them in preparations.