Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Loosing one s insanity at the sand pit

I was on the way to the market this morning, and there i saw this sand pit,with some bricks around,a usual site these days of construction work happening around.

What was unusual for these days was the kid in the pit having a dig and playing around.

This had always been a past time then,making tunnels or hillocks and hiding things to be found and such fun.

Vacations times were for this,I can imagine how one would roll over or ride buses of bricks with paved roads,and more words.

Seeing this kid brought back memories,and a sadness kids have no time for this or interest and no parents are interested in 
encouraging it .

May be if this is brought back,hidden things in the mind and sub conscious levels can surface,and heal many an insane child of the modern world with playing.

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srinivaskommareddy said...

hi, my name is srinivas. i follow this blog to recall my child hood memories. i dont see this blog getting updated since longtime.i request the blog owner to update if he has any updates.