Friday, 26 July 2013

Nutritious snacks with the morning tea, at the village bench

This gentleman and his family,are serving the village with sprouted grams and  an assortment of pounded rice,with tea for the morning snack.

Many in this area start work from 4 am and they slowly start trickling in here to gossip and read the morning papers,by 7 am it is peak hours and by 8 , it is a stand still quietness.

He had some ailments for which he had recovered with his nutritional changes in his diet with other help, and wanted to share it to his customers.

Sea salt, cold pressed oil and whole wheat buns ,are the other changes he wants to make permanent, in the changes he has made silently already.

Thanks to him and his family for this healthy move for the welfare of the village folks.


Venky said...

Dear doctor sir,I have little doubt about sea salt. I read somewhere that sea salt (saindava lavanam) is not at all good for health because there is no Iodine and few say sea salt is natural and is very good for health. Confused whether to use it or not. Can you please throw some light.

venkhat said...

That is very kind of u to ask for a clarification.

Let me make it elaborate, so that the confusion does not arise again.

First sea salt not containing iodine is wrong, the sea salt contains all the elements in the periodic table, in its natural form and solubility.

The body fluids would be having a sea water state of saltyness,as natural as possibly can be tested.

Any thing beyond moderation can be bad, but difficult to use a salt beyond moderation.

It would be good to compare a bit of sea salt, in natural form and the available iodised table salt.

ss - sea salt
ts - table salt

ss is hygrospopic , it will absorb water and take it out along with it.

ts is not hygrospoic and will hold water and hence cause an increase in body fluids, and all its complications.

ss has all the natural elements in a proportion of completeness like all natural substances.

ts is a hotch potch of sodium and choloride and more things, an anti caking agent as calcium silicate( till 1994 alluminium was used for that purpose)and fluoridated too.

As for using it , just try and see if u can get it any where , as i have been told there is a mandatory ruling to use only table iodised salt for all purposes of cooking.

U really want to take up such a lot of trouble for Health?

if u do , well u have company .

ravi said...
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