Thursday, 25 July 2013

A garbage dump for holy pictures

Many a new picture of holiness and soul satisfying contour, gets to be added at home or work stations, and where will the old pictures go?

hidden at dark corners,
left standing where they are,
sent away to praying spots,
but never thrown away .

This is what has happened to this pyramid , it seems to attract many a picture that has served the family for soul support,mental health or preventing an insanity and more capacities of well being.

I who seem to find this pyramid a place of wonder , find this a garbage dumping ground of nervous wrecks who are scared of hurting dieties or too guilty of themselves to throw away,yet not throw away, a family heritage.

I am reminded of a zen story , when a master was found burning a wooden statue of Buddha on a cold night , and scolded, he was then looking for the bones of Buddha

in the wood.

What ever it is a disgrace to destroy the sanctity of the pyramid with our holy pictures, which do not belong there.

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