Sunday, 21 July 2013

Doctors were treated as GOD, and they continue to act as that

In our village, a doctor is next to the deity in a temple, it is not for the subjects that he has studied, but for his acts that are done at times of disasters in health .

 I have always felt that it was a treatment we did not deserve,for it would unnecessarily make us go heavy in the head.

It would separate us at home too with the professional status continuing to act in the subconscious.

Reading  on God, i have found many an expansion, and i liked two,
1  it just means  "that which is" , no objectivity , but a present moment.
2  G - generator , o  - operator  , d  - destroyer.

My god this sure got me thinking if the health care workers were looked on as this in the modern world , it would be scary to take on that title and role.

Like a clause to many a bill that is passed, i shall add a link on vaccines.

Many a fertility clinic is cropping up, as the happy couples cannot seem to bring on issues, i did read on quite a few, and the link on this opens up more regions to explore.

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