Saturday, 20 July 2013

Shhhhh - cancer is a taboo word.

In our village  there are a few things which are not discussed in open, one is sex and the other is death, but now another thing is added as a side track of death and that is cancer.

The number of deaths in our village due to cancer has become so much noticeable
, that folks are asking why,where and how?

Any thing and every thing is hacked and repackaged , but this is never out, as it is mysterious and threatens everything, and brings on darkness.

The scientific world is and has been trying to track it, but we are happy with the few survivors, other wise we could be as ignorant of it as the public.

Many have their own researches, and with time may be they would all come out with their findings and save mankind.

There are some secrets from the virus in the tobacco, and other virus that cause a contamination and cause  cancer, who knows u may find your own links, and spread the truth.

Find the causes and halt spread cancer.

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