Thursday, 24 May 2012

Groping hands to identify b.mbs

We have talked about this before in regard to body scanning at airports in states.

Well u folks seem to like the exposure, and even look forward to a picture at the other end, and a result to collect auto graphs like Shah Ruk Khan.

For those who refuse it, get groped i have heard.

If the security reasons are so strict, can they not use other methods like sniffer dogs or questioning suspects, at least the privacy of a room to feel a person, rather than at a hall.

I still cannot understand why this humiliation has to be undergone for flying, such precaution or is it psychological terror.

Now that the machines are found to be useless to find the things they are searching for,what next!

What trading, a loss of privacy for security and freedom, or is it just sexual humiliation.

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Yoda said...

Its surprising how many people accept this crazy invasion of privacy, but apparently they're fine with it. I think medical examination lead the way for this by prepping them for a century.