Monday, 21 May 2012

Infiltrating alternative medicines

The competition from alternative medicines is growing, may be a 0. percentage a day, but nevertheless growing, so how to put a stop, there are many a ways, but the easiest is an infiltration and , adulterate the syllabus, and wow.

Let me give an example,

"The basic principles of homoeopathy that it treats the patient and not his disease should be constantly impressed in mind of the students, and it is only when this approach is firmly inculcated in them that they will be true homoeopaths. "

Now if we look at the syllabus of the homoeopathic colleges,  they have  from anatomy to all the study of diseases, and when they come out, they will be easily handled to dash our prescriptions of allopathic medicines, and commit suicide to the system they have studied.

How simple.

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