Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Brittle calcium to strengthen bones

The calcium advert is on the screen so often that it looks like the general public seems to know more than the professional us.

Our strength lies in our teeth and bones, but more in the truth about them.

The inorganic calcium that is being marketed in the media, which is pre-formed, do u think it will go and get plastered over our bones and cover our teeth and make them fortified.

Great hope.

They may get to settle any where.

In our village , taking curd after a dish of meat is prohibited, stops with rasam.

what we need is food that is balanced and natural, or the body has to leech other minerals in our body to maintain blood pH.

So do our bones and teeth get strong or weak from supplemented calcium  ?

But calcium is a great industry how can it be wrong.

The oysters and other shells in the ocean have enormous calcium , but not the sea.

If this is only for calcium, what about all the other elements in the periodic table and the trace elements.

We will have to see where all they are  in our body and all the foods available, and more supplementation, what nonsense.

Nature knows how to convert what we eat to what we need.

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