Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Death of Torrent Sites

Finally, it is here. The total ban on torrent sites which began in the US through their movie moguls. Indian courts bowed to the pressure to prevent downloading of movies through torrents and brought pressure on internet service providers. They in turn have put a total ban on all torrent sites. So along with movies, you can no longer download music, books or videos through torrents. What a shame.

Bangalore's Airtel caved in last week and banned all torrent sites with a message "Blocked by court order".

There is a simple way around this at present. has a box for anonymous browsing that allows you to visit isohunt, pirate bay and other torrent sites for a few minutes before the block kicks in.:)


venkhat said...

this must be a real hurt for u yoda who has alove of reviewing movies for us am sorry for u

u will find a way thro that ban i am sure

Yoda said...

haha, you're right, venkhat, I hope to find a way.:)

You're right because last week I was in a total panic when I realised I couldn't download a movie from anywhere! But this week I've calmed down. I remembered that I love reading books just as much and for much longer.:)